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The Creative Intelligence Agency

An agency built on the principles of understanding before acting, thinking before designing, engaging over entertaining.

At our core, creative intelligence is about discovering what is meaningful to people, revealing and leveraging important patterns and connections, uncovering the possible and inspired paths unrealized or utilized.

Our approach finds those calculated risks needed to create the bolder ideas, the more meaningful campaigns and the deeper influential engagement.

How can we help you?

Problem #1

Problem #1

Ask Yourself: Do you know what Makes you (really) Different?

We’ve sat across from 100+ companies and have come against the same recurring challenge again and again - they have a hard time articulating (if they even know) who they are, who their competition really is, and why their clients choose them.


We thought we would try and tackle that problem by creating tools and exercises that help you, ultimately helping us and your team do exceptional work.


With our first tool we start at the core of your company, what will (really) make you stand out in your market... 
Understanding and defining what your core values are...

Tool #1

Value Discovery

In their simplest form, values define what makes your company different than everyone else in the market.  They have power to influence your customers and connect your partners and employees - driving and creating deeper bonds, more active engagement, loyalty and culture.

For a company...
they are the guiding principles and truths that articulate what you stand for and the primary driving force behind your brand, culture, and decisions - building a stronger collective confidence.


For your customers...

their connectivity to digital world has fundamentally shifted how they are influenced and choose - people are more likely to buy and stay loyal to brand whose values are “meaningful”, and aligned with their own, something they can relate to and notably improving their “quality of life”.

The Exercise
Quick, Fun and Insightful...

Consisting of a 10 minute multiple choice with all right answers, all you have to do is pick the ones that are authentic to you. We designed this around you and your team's collective wisdom - gained over years and perspectives with your clients and competition. The exercise is followed up with some questions and ideas on how to make the insights actionable today.


All you need is a few printouts, a pen, some highlighters and a quiet place for a few minutes. Do it personally or as a team but this is short but intense exercise will give you great personal insight to help make better more impactful decisions.

Whens the best time to do it? Now of course.
Do it over lunch, over pizza, sandwiches or sushi but just do it - its too easy not to -thats how we've build it. (We’ve even had clients do this multiple times.)

Ready to give it a go,  

well your timing couldn't have been better...

We're looking for a few good companies to put
our latest version through its paces...

Tool #1


45 Days of Discovery

For the next 45 days we’re accepting one company a day to run the exercise with - Free access to us and the exercise for you and your team - no strings attached, no up-selling, we’re just looking to get as much feedback as possible from you and your team to make it better to help more businesses become more competitive, compelling and significant in their marketplace..


Drop us a quick email and tell us about your company,
if it’s a fit, we’ll put you in the Que and get started right away.

45 Days of Access

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