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Hey, wondering when working on a branding or marketing project you've ever thought to yourself...

That, WOULD have been really great to know, BEFORE we started our project...


This person is...

- Blowing through my budget

- We're way over schedule

- I'm not really sure what I'm getting

- Did I pay too much or too little?

- This is getting way too stressful...

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And We've heard (or seen) it all...

Hopefully, Never have you ever…

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  • Hired online designer for a logo only to realize too late it was a direct copy with only the name of the company changed

  • Hired a friend and we’re not speaking anymore (lost time and friendship)

  • Asked my designer for our logo only to find out their hard drive crashed and they don’t have it anymore

  • "We'll deal with that later" all while setting themselves up to ask for more money later to compensate for "poor planning".

  • The creative doesn't read the brief and designs for the wrong product

  • Received the final project invoice to find out it was way over budget 

  • The designer doesn't proof properly and you have to re-print all your brochures because the phone number in wrong

  • There was no industry exclusivity contract and the marketer started working for a clients competitor

  • The Illustrator re-sold all the illustrations they developed for the client

*And yes, unfortunatly these are all true.

Hey there, just so we're clear...

It's not just you,

this does NOT get taught in design school or marketing school or even business school.*

The implications to your project and even business could really be huge...

- Unexpected Project Costs

- Missed Timelines

- Lack of Competency

- Underwhelming Outcomes

- Project misconceptions

*Which means the creative you just hired probably doesn't know either and they are doing your project with their fingers crossed...

Don’t stress, we got you…

We compiled our greatest learnings and lessons
(aka let's never do that again) into an intuitive and easy-to-understand guide for your next logo, website, really any kind of marketing project you're planning or currently working on from start to completion.

We made sure:

  • It was easy to implement

  • Made for any creative project, no matter the type, size, or complexity. 

  • Would repeatedly give us peace of mind and confidence with every project and every consultant


We understand, that you don't do these types of projects every day, heck probably not even once a month, or even year, but hey found us, and you’re in the right place. 

We created this guide for the Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs, and small businesses in mind - Those who's time and investment are the most valuable.

This is to help you gain back:

  • Clarity and Insight of what’s needed for your best outcomes

  • Maximize your productivity and marketing dollars

  • Confidence in Outsourcing and partnering to build an even more effective team

  • Increased collaboration to get those wins faster

  • Greater internal buy-in and support

  • Understanding and utilizing the best process, practices and tools

  • Build stronger supportive relationships with internal and external teams

  • Team’s efficiency and Prevent confusion

  • Reduce communication breakdowns + navigate expectations

  • Prevent schedule and resource overloads

How we do it...

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A step-by-step guide, jam-packed with the accumulation of our 25+ years of experience working with EVERY type of project, client, and creative consultant.*

 (trust us, we've got the stories and scars to prove it.)

This IS the foundational resource material you’ll need to get the absolute most out of your next creative project with 
No jargon, No marketing speak, No BS.

We broke the guide into 3 sections

based on a project’s phases...


Understand whats needed for a great Project Scope, Key Messaging, Research, and Project Planning and those important Metrics.

Gets you prepared for hiring the right person, the best practices for collaboration reviews, and feedback, Contracts, Confidentiality and Payment Terms.

How to properly close out the project with the understanding of the Ownership of assets, Back-up storage, and security.

Then... we decided to take it one step further, so ALL your bases covered and added...

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RED FLAGS Our insight and experience of things you shouldn't ignore or go beyond until resolved during any point of the process.

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